Plastic Casks Save Threat of Theft

Keg Watch recently reported the number of stainless steel containers recovered in January 2018 were 11,015 with a replacement value of £826,125.00. Year to date the figures are even more shocking reporting 111,222 containers with a replacement value of £8,341,650.00. For any business those are astounding figures for any industry. With the increasing scrap value of stainless steel, despite severe penalties that can be imposed, the loss through the theft and misappropriation of kegs and casks is only set to increase. At a time of high global demand for metal, stealing casks for scrap has become a lucrative trade.

It’s estimated the true cost of replacing each stainless cask you loose is approximately £100. "Metal theft has emerged as a worrying issue for many years, costing the economy millions every year. For the brewing sector, cask theft continues to be a serious problem and is hindering many breweries ability to meet customer requirements by creating unsustainable losses" says Greg Whitehorne MD of EP (Emmerald Polymers UK Ltd). "For every cask stolen the cost of providing beer to publicans in this country increases and damages the profitability of breweries. We believe that it is in our shared interest to protect our industry from cask theft".

Emmerald Polymers plastic casks being made from HDPE means there is no scrap value, whilst still being 100% recyclable. Being approximately 25% lighter than steel will also mean you will save transport costs, reducing your carbon footprint whilst increasing payload. Tested to industry standards set by steel, the Emmerald Polymer casks really are strong, often surpassing the strength of steel. Find out more on our cask and online shop pages.

Plastic Casks